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1. Well, since the title is about random things... I have a random sense of humor. I may not walk around doing random things, but if a tv show, or YouTube channel, rather, has some random humor, I think it's freaking hilarious! Actually, let me rephrase that, it has to be random & clever.

2. I'm a triple major at my school; my majors are Digital Media, Graphic Design, and Web Development, except for some annoying pre-reqs, it's going rather well.

3. I'm a Christian and I'm not ashamed to say it; however, I am sometimes ashamed to be associated with people who label themselves as Christian. I'm not the type of Christian that's a bigot, or looks down on others, and I'm FAR from perfect, but I do have a strong relationship with God. I'm the type of Christian that reads her bible and prays, and yet doesn't agree with the commercialism of some churches; I still go to church tho, it just took a long time to find the right one. In all honesty, it's hard to be a Christian and not want to smack some other judgmental and hypocritical so-called "Christians" in the face. I don't force my faith on people either simply because I don't have any kind of authority to do so... no one does. I'm friends with atheists and people of other religions too.

4. I'm currently going through a dilemma of short hair vs. long hair... I love how long hair is convenient to put up, but then again, long hair is so boring! I also hate the "elvira/mullet" haircut look! It's fugly! I think short hair is cute, but then I can't put it up, and with my experience, it's harder to take care of.

5. I'm afraid of sting rays. No joke. They creep me out!!!!

6. My real first name is Krista.

7. I'm half Puerto Rican and part Arabic, but I look white lol; I'm also only fluent in English, but I want to learn Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc. I think I'll try to master Spanish first though lol. Plus, I was born with blond hair! It got darker as I got older though... thank God!

8. I've been engaged twice... but I broke them both off just because I was too scared. I didn't mean to hurt anyone, but again, I was too scared and had a bad pit in the feeling of my stomach. At least I didn't leave anyone at the altar; I actually left them before any real planning took effect.

9. To some extent... I'm a furry fan girl lol. I've been a fan of Sonic ever since he came out; a 20 year fan... SCORE! (by the way, look up the word Score because there's a pun with that, if you know what I mean =p) I'm 3 years older than sonic (*hint: 20 + 3*)

10. I'm hoping to write a few books... they're basically autobiographies; that's all I'm saying though =p



United States
Current Residence: Florida
Favourite genre of music: Synth Rock & Inde Rock
Favourite style of art: Graphic Design
Operating System: Mac and PC
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic The Hedgehog, Doki, Nabi, all from BMFM.

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thnx for the watch buddy :)
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thanks for all the favorites ^^ glad you liked em.
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thank you for the fav =)
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Thanks for the fave!
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